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Junior Squash Event


Junior Coaching

We are organising a special event for the Juniors on Saturday 9th December, when they can come along and play with the club’s Number 1 and Number 2 players, Luke Haigh and Graham Jackson. They will get the chance to see how many points they can score against them in 5 minutes and how long they can keep the rallies going.

And after tiring themselves out with that energetic start, they can rest up and have a go at marking our two top juniors, Ryan Jackson and Sean Nolan, in a best of three match. Finally, Graham and Luke will play a match and, again, the juniors get to mark it. It’s a great opportunity to see how our best players move around the court and where they place the ball. You might even pick up some ideas for winning shots!

The event starts at 10.00am and runs to 1.00pm, with pizza for the Juniors for lunch. Everyone welcome – see you there!



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Club Championship 2017

Last Friday saw the finals of the annual club championship and there was some excellent squash. Although the score for both the men’s and ladies’ finals were 3-0 results, the matches were all highly competitive and the standard of squash was excellent.

Luke Haigh won the men’s final playing against Graham Jackson and Lisa Knowles took the ladies’ final against Alina Robertshaw. In the men’s plate, Brian Reynolds came out on top against Andy Plant.

Before the matches there were junior competitions with some fantastic new talent coming through. Perhaps they will be following in the footsteps of Sean Nolan, who is now playing at number one in the Summer Grand Prix competition.

After the presentations of the trophies, there was the now traditional cold sandwich supper and then the draw for this year’s Summer Grand Prix competition. We have 11 teams of 4 players per team, with games starting on Monday 5th June and the finals in mid-September.

Click this link for the dates of the SGP matches
2017 SGP teams & dates 11 Teams 4 per team
and here for the team lists
2017 Team List (11 teams 4 Players)



Santa is coming!

An important date for your diary. On Sunday December 18th, Santa will be coming to Old Crocs for the annual children’s Christmas party. There will be games, food, presents, and a bouncy castle. Everyone welcome.


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Annual Racquet-ball Competition Finals

Last Thursday saw the finals of the Racquet-ball Competition with Neil Perry against Roger Jackson in the main competition and Mick Connell against Colin Ward in the Plate. the presentations to the winners were made by the club President, Ed Green.

Roger fought hard and played with his usual accuracy and touch, but in the end Neil was too strong and came out 3 – 0 winner in a high quality and very entertaining game.


The plate final wasn’t really as close… and I say that as the player on the wrong end of the 3-0 result! Mick throughly deserved his win and was clearly pleased enough to want a selfie with Ed when he received the trophy.


Editorial Note: Some Facebook users may have been surprised to see a certain Paul O’Reilly proudly holding the Plate (see below). Perhaps the ability to emerge victorious in a competition he didn’t even enter is testimony to Paul’s extraordinary skills on court? Or perhaps he just found the opportunity to wind-up Mick too irresistible!




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Newly refurbished courts are looking good…

For anyone who hasn’t yet played on our beautiful, pristine courts, this is how they look! All the work is now complete and all three courts are looking in great condition.

The committee has asked everyone to do their best to keep them looking this good, which means no outdoor shoes and only non-marking soles please. And please be aware that if you get a blood injury you need to leave the court to stop the bleeding. It’s almost impossible to get blood stains out of the wooden floor… as myself, Mick and Alan can confirm having once spent a couple of hours scrubbing Court 1 !

The photo below shows club stalwarts Mick Richards and Gary O’Leary on Court 2. Mick is expertly positioned on the ‘T’ and Gary is about to play a perfect backhand down the wall…  And I’m looking forward to that Lindy you mentioned if you’re in the bar on Tuesday night, gents  🙂


img_3587Julie Greenwood running the Junior Squash coaching on the Glass Court.

img_3607Sean on Court 1 with the rest of the juniors.


Old Crocs New Website Now ‘Live’!

Hello and welcome to the new website for the Old Crossleyans’ Squash Club. Please take a look around and if you have any suggestions for changes or improvements then just leave a ‘reply’ in the Comment Box underneath the relevant page or post.

The great thing about this new website is that it is easy for anyone to write up something and post it on here using WordPress software (which is free and easy to use).  So we are hopeful that the new site will have regular updates on news and information.

If you think you might be interested in writing up news stories or events then let us know by leaving a reply underneath this blog post and we will get in touch.

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Membership Renewal

2018/19 membership fees are now due.

We have two ways of renewing membership. You can send us the completed form along with a cheque, or you can use our on-line notification. The  online method does not incur postage expense and helps to keep membership fees down. Whichever method you choose you will need to download the 2018 Renewal Form.

Method 1
After downloading the renewal form, print it and fill in the details. Then mail the renewal form along with your cheque payment to the club secretary.

Method 2
For those paying by bank transfer please click here to complete and submit details online.

Membership fees for 2018/19 are as follow…

Individual £115 (£105 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Joint £207 (£189 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Family Please use Individual or Joint fee with addition of £5 per child
Student (Play any time) £76 (£70 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Student (Play in vacation ONLY) £46 (£42 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Off-peak £85 (£78 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Junior £15 (£10 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018). Includes social membership for non-playing parents
Shower Facility Only £54 (£49 if paid and to the account before 31st July 2018)
Social £5