Old Crocs New Website Now ‘Live’!

Hello and welcome to the new website for the Old Crossleyans’ Squash Club. Please take a look around and if you have any suggestions for changes or improvements then just leave a ‘reply’ in the Comment Box underneath the relevant page or post.

The great thing about this new website is that it is easy for anyone to write up something and post it on here using WordPress software (which is free and easy to use).  So we are hopeful that the new site will have regular updates on news and information.

If you think you might be interested in writing up news stories or events then let us know by leaving a reply underneath this blog post and we will get in touch.

About Colin

I am a teacher and writer with a background in children's television production.

7 comments on “Old Crocs New Website Now ‘Live’!

  1. Best wishes from China

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  2. Crikey Mike, that was fast! Did you get a notification?


  3. Well done Colin. Definitely an improvement.
    All the best from Spain !

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  4. Nice one Col looks great, big old like from me!

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  5. Refurbishments of courts are now complete, could members please refrain from using outdoor footwear when on court.


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