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Newly refurbished courts are looking good…

For anyone who hasn’t yet played on our beautiful, pristine courts, this is how they look! All the work is now complete and all three courts are looking in great condition.

The committee has asked everyone to do their best to keep them looking this good, which means no outdoor shoes and only non-marking soles please. And please be aware that if you get a blood injury you need to leave the court to stop the bleeding. It’s almost impossible to get blood stains out of the wooden floor… as myself, Mick and Alan can confirm having once spent a couple of hours scrubbing Court 1 !

The photo below shows club stalwarts Mick Richards and Gary O’Leary on Court 2. Mick is expertly positioned on the ‘T’ and Gary is about to play a perfect backhand down the wall…  And I’m looking forward to that Lindy you mentioned if you’re in the bar on Tuesday night, gents  🙂


img_3587Julie Greenwood running the Junior Squash coaching on the Glass Court.

img_3607Sean on Court 1 with the rest of the juniors.

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