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About Old Crocs


Old Crossleyans Squash Club is a friendly, informal club that welcomes new members. We are situated close to Saville Park and near the centre of Halifax. The club is run by the members with no full-time staff, which is why we are able to keep membership and lights fees so low.


  • Two enclosed courts
  • One glass-back court
  • Small fitness gym
  • Bar

Annual Membership Fees 2021-22

  • Individual £120
  • Joint £216
  • Family – please use individual or joint fee and add £5 per child.
  • Student (play anytime) £78
  • Student (play vacation only) £48
  • Junior £16
  • Shower facility only £56
  • Social £5

If you would like to have a look at the club’s facilities then please use the contact information on the ‘Contact’ page and we will arrange for someone to show you around.

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