Summer Grand Prix 2019

The 2019 Summer Grand Prix is now underway – please visit the Summer Grand Prix page for details & updates.

Membership Renewals 2019-20

Please note all membership renewals for the year 2019-20 will be due from 1st July, 2019. All renewal invites, via email or post, will be going out over the next few days and the Membership Renewals page on this website has been updated with all the details applicable to 2019-20 renewals.

Junior Squash Event

Junior Squash Event

We are organising a special event for the Juniors on Saturday 9th December, when they can come along and play with the club’s Number 1 and Number 2 players, Luke Haigh and Graham Jackson. They will get the chance to see how many points they can score against them in 5 minutes and how long […]