Membership Renewals

2020-21 membership fees are due from September, 2020 


Due to the situation re Covid-19, renewal fees (in the table below) will be collected from September 2020 for the period up to 30th June, 2021 and will be adjusted to reflect the closure of the Club at the end of last membership year and the beginning of this.

If you do not wish to return to playing at the Club at this time, due to concerns around Covid-19, that is entirely understandable and you can defer renewing until a later date.

We have two ways of renewing membership. You can send us the completed form along with a cheque, or you can use our on-line notification below. The  on-line method does not incur postage expense and helps to keep membership fees down.

Method 1: Payment by Cheque

For those paying by Cheque please click here  OCSC Membership Renewal form 2020-21 to download the renewal form. Please print off the form and then pass your completed form along with your cheque made payable to ‘The Old Crossleyans Club’ to the Club Membership Secretary.

Method 2: On-line with Bank Transfer

Please complete the on-line form here and complete a bank transfer for the appropriate amount. Your bank transfer should be made to:

The Crossleyans Club

Sort Code: 40-23-05

Account: 72059843

Reference: Please use your name

Membership fees for 2020-21 are as follows;

Individual £80
Joint £144
Family Please use Individual or Joint fee with addition of £5 per child
Student (Play any time) £52
Student (Play in vacation ONLY) £32
Junior £11 Note: This includes social membership for non-playing parents
Shower/Gym Facility Only £37
Social £5
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