Summer Grand Prix

Summer Grand Prix 2019

After 14 weeks of exciting, nail-biting competition, SGP2019 finally completed on the 29th August with Finals Night being held on 13th September.

The team & individual winners are as follows…

Final table:

Team Played Games Bonus Points Game points diff
Team 10 11 83 29 112
Team 4 * 11 77 26 103 +152
Team 11 * 11 77 26 103 +120
Team 5 11 75 25 100
Team 12 11 74 24 98
Team 7 11 70 24 94
Team 1 11 65 21 86
Team 6 11 63 21 84
Team 8 11 55 19 74
Team 9 11 54 18 72
Team 2 11 51 16 67
Team 3 11 48 15 63

Finals Night – September 13th, 2019

SGP2019 winners

Team Champions:

  • Team 10 (Jon Cuthbert, Simon Conwell/Brian Reynolds, Paul Reynolds & Nicola Brennan).

Jon and Nic from Team 10

Individual Seed Champions:

  • No. 1s – Neil Perry


  • No. 2s – Himashu Sodha


  • No. 3s – Paul Reynolds
  • No. 4s – Janet Jackson


The Jackie Knowles Trophy Winner (awarded to the highest scoring ladies player in SGP):

  • Janet Jackson


Fancy Dress

As is traditional on SGP finals night, the two teams finishing at the bottom of the table play off, in fancy dress, for the wooden spoon. This year’s galant entrants were…

Team 2 (or Victoria’s Bee-team)


Team 3 (for the full English Wheelhouse!)


Looking every bit the professional breakfast outfit they are, Team 3 managed to secure the highly coveted (!) wooden spoon and partied like it’s 1999…



Another cause for celebration…it was Janet’s birthday on the day so…

Happy Birthday, Janet!!



A fantastic night was had by all and congratulations to all the winners and to well done and thanks to everyone taking part in SGP2019…

…let’s do it all again at SGP2020!!!

About the Summer Grand Prix

The Summer Grand Prix is one of the highlights of the year. It is a great opportunity to play regular competitive games over the summer against other people of a similar standard. And because you play in a team of four, it is also an opportunity to get to know some other people you might not usually play against.

We usually have around twelve teams of four people – seeded one to four. Every team plays against the other teams once, with the No 1 playing the other No. 1, the No.2 playing the No.2, etc. It is a social occasion and we encourage people to stay and watch their team mates and maybe stay for a drink at the end.

The competition runs from May to the end of August. We expect that people will be off on holiday at some point over that period, so there is a system for calling a ‘Sub’ to play for you when you are away.

If you want to give it a try then keep an eye out for information on this website around April/May. Or check the club noticeboard.


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